Westmont Avenue

The owners of Westmont Ave. were walking through the Beechwood Avenue home and decided on the spot that we would be their builder. We brought in Thomas B. Wagner Archictect along Michelle Plachter Design and a collaboration began to achieve the owner’s transitional, high tech custom dream home.

Westmont Avenue - Exterior

Custom home by John Shaffer

We helped them find their property and guided them through the design stages and budgeting.

Westmont Avenue - Interior

Sleek and modern details

A high tech home office with custom built-in shelving and integrated lighting

Elegant open plan living

A bright, open floor plan complemented by large windows
Westmont Avenue - Dining
Westmont Avenue - Outdoor

Outdoor oasis

A fully functional patio kitchen and dining space—complete with wood burning hearth and heaters—so the homeowners can enjoy entertaining outdoors all year round
Westmont Ave Laundry Room
Westmont Ave Bedroom

If you ask anyone who knows me, you will learn that I have extremely high expectations and a very keen attention to detail. I do not settle for mediocrity and I have to commend John on the quality of his work. His expectations are just as high as mine and it’s no surprise he has such happy customers… including me!

— Ameet Shah

Westmont Avenue - Kitchen
Westmont Avenue - Family Room
Westmont Avenue - Stair Case